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12 DOCUMENTARY: Welcome to the world of Victor Mongay, a young boy from Barcelona. During a visually stunning journey, we learn more about his daily life, his passion for FC Barcelona, his family, his love for football and above all his courage.

Festivals:  Nederlands Filmfestival  2006,, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2007

Spain Johan Kramer
1000 Pesos Colombianos
25 A money forger makes a 1000 pesos fake coin and then goes to a cockpit to make a bet with forged bills. He looses the bet a the fake coin he previously forged comes back to him and seals off his fate.

Festivals:  Festival intl de cortos El Espejo 2006 (Best Film), 12th Intl short film festival in Drama 2006

Colombia David Aristizabal
22 A twist of fate can be torture. Vietnam: 1972. An American soldier (David Morse) is captured; mercilessly tortured by the enemy. At the height of agony, he suddenly finds himself home, living an idyllic life with a loving family. But each night his torture resumes. Trapped in unending cycle of pain, he must find a way to endure unless, with the clock counting down, Marquette can cheat fate. Escaping will take his wits. And it will require a gun.

Festivals: Park City Film Music Festival 2007 (Silver Medal for Excellence), Short Film Festival of India 2007 (Winner - Best Short),   Egyptian Theatre 2007 (Audience Choice), California Independent Film Festival 2007 (Nominated: Best Short, Best Actor, Best Editing)

USA Jack Swanstrom
About Yossi
54 DOCUMENTARY: At the age of 11 months a defected vaccination turned Yossi Samuels deaf and blind! Today at the age of 28 Yossi goes on a journey to find a bride, despite his awful handicap. How would his parents cope with his new needs? What will bring joy to Yossi's life? What is the meaning of happiness?

Festival: Haifa 22nd Film Festival 2006

Israel Avi Hemy
Absolute Zero
28 DOCUMENTARY: A train makes its way through the countryside toward the city. Part of its load is a refrigerated wagon used for transporting meat to the markets. Inside the otherwise empty wagon, a man keeps a grim log on the wall, a first-hand account of death by freezing. Only later it is discovered that the refrigeration unit wasn't operating. The temperature in the wagon never fell below 68F, yet the man dutifully manifests, and records, the symptoms of hypothermia as he dies a needless, painful death. The story is told using a combination of archival and imagined material to speculate on the man's final hours.

Festivals: Smogdance 2007, Golden Lion film Festival 2007, Short Film Festival of india 2007, Durango Film Festival 2007

Australia Alan Woodruff
And Now a Word from Our Sponsors ...
10 A young man's quest for a condom turns strangely surreal as he is bothered by an army of supermarket sellers soliciting their products. If he doesn't outsmart them on time he will lose his chance with a beautiful girl waiting in his apartment. Will he make it on time? And what surprise will he find once he arrives? This short is a commentary on today's world dominated by advertising. To best express its theme, the film consists of fake commercials put together in a way that tells a story of the main character's mission. Each part was made in a different style to present various approaches that advertisers use to lure in and manipulate the potential consumer.

Festivals: Tribeca Underground Film Festival 2006, Bridge Fest 2006 (HONORABLE MENTION AWARD), Boston International Film Festival 2006, Portobello Film Festival 2006 (BEST FOREIGN FILM), Calgary Fringe Film Festival 2006 (BEST COMEDY INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM)

USA Wojciech Lorenc
28 Set in the desert landscape of America, Argo is synonymous with loneliness, desperation, and the unconscious longing for human connection. The film tells the story of Becca (Jordana Spiro), a dispossessed soul, who is on the road to nowhere. A chance encounter with Cal (Marcus Chait) and these two strangers travel together to a roadside motel for reasons neither of them understands. On a fateful journey, this is a collision course that will change their lives as they discover, hope can be found in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected people. USA Jordan Bayne